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Can I Recover TXT Files on Mac?

By mistakenly I deleted a txt file from Mac. I want it badly today as it has some client configuration data. There is no backup available for it. Is there any effective tool usable so that I can recover txt on Mac?

A text file is one of the computer file that is structured as a sequence of lines of electronic text. The longer you lost the file, the lower the chance of successfully recover data will be for the file will be hit by block of new data. Therefore, once lost txt file, Stop using your Mac immediately, because the longer a system runs, the higher the chance some update file usage will hit that file which is flagged as over writeable.

Unlike other file type, TXT file has no header and no footer, no distinctive file structure that other file types do, so it is hard to find them as there is no clues about where the files begins and ends. If you are lucky enough to have a backup, things will be easier. You can restore backup to get back
TXT file. If not, you have to rely on Mac txt recovery utility. Tenorshare data recovery for Mac features a file signature search algorithm that can deeply scan detailed information in the Mac volume. No matter the files was stored in one cluster or hidden in consecutive clusters, it can find them and recover them quickly.

How to perform txt recovery on Mac?

If there is no backup or you are unlucky to retrieve the file from one of your daily or weekly backups, please try this Mac data recovery program.
1. Download data recovery for Mac and install it on your Mac
2. Launch it, in the main interface, Select raw recovery mode, then click scan to find lost data in volumes.
3. Once finished scan, you’re going to see a list of files with file signature name appeared in the task list. Come to find .txt file folder, you can see all .txt file list there. If you can remember the file name, check the matched name and click “Recover” to get it. If not, you can recover all .txt files together and find what you need in the recovered file folder.

Tips: As you can see in the task list, this powerful Mac file recovery software can not only recover .txt files, but also recover other documents types including .doc, .docx, .xls, .ppt, .rtf, .vsd, .pub, etc.

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